NEW EMBRYO KIT! – Sky Rocket

The Sky Rocket – a new fast-building Embryo design.  The Sky Rocket was designed to build fast. Having sheet balsa sides, it won’t be the lightest embryo (about 23 grams plus or minus), but you can get it built in 2 or 3 hours or so. Even the wings fit together with interlocking pieces.   This is a full kit, with everything you need to build your model.  The kit includes FIVE sheets of laser cut balsa. That’s because all parts are laser cut, except the wing leading edges.  There are no real plans, except to help layout the wing panels, but an 8-page illustrated instruction booklet is provided.  While we cannot guarantee success, we have built four prototypes to get this model just right. It has even maxed for us (flights over 120 seconds).





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