January Update

Wow, since I playfully posted my January 1st fun fly video (on youtube), the weather here has steadily gotten worse.  we are under a snow emergency currently, with the city and most businesses closed.  We have over a foot of snow and -2 degrees F with very strong winds.

Regardless, I have new products to release:  another Wheel Pants kit, another Embryo kit, and a new book from John Bell.  Of course, I recently announced that I now carry the Gizmo Geezer propeller/front end line.

Also, in two weeks, my father and I will head down to Louisiana to bring the SUPERIOR PROPS equipment, machinery, supplies and business back north to Ohio.  With any luck at all, we should be producing propellers in February some time.

Stay tuned for those product announcements!


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2 Responses to January Update

  1. Bob Clemens says:


    I wanted to let you know how much we merry band of free flight brothers appreciate what you’re doing. You help make THIS the golden age of free flight! Keep up the great work. I’ll be watching- and buying.


    • Bredehoft says:

      Well, thanks, Bob! I truly appreciate the comments. I try to help all of us out by carrying our “essentials” at good prices. –george

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