BIGGEST NEWS YET – Volare Products is Purchasing Superior Props

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As most of you are aware, Mr Bob Gourdon of Superior Props has been slipping in the fulfillment of orders for his Superior Props due to health reasons.  After much consideration, gentle prodding from fellow modelers, and a trip from Michigan to southern Louisiana, we have decided to purchase Mr Gourdon’s entire business and inventory and move it north.

The first stop for the business will be to Central Ohio.  As I am not yet retired and cannot devote enough time to making props, my father has agreed to partner with me and run the manufacturing for a time.  He is a retired Master Toolmaker and a Cabinetmaker before that, so he has all of the technical knowledge to step right in and operate the vast array of machines that it takes to make the props and the accessories that Mr. Gourdon produced and you all have come to enjoy.

Our plan is to have this operational by the end of the calendar year or in January.  This will take quite a bit of time and logistics – and cash.  We will be heading back down to Louisiana for at least one more several-day trip to learn the manufacturing processes and to haul the load of machines and stock back north.

We also would like to ask for help from you – the Free Flight Community.  Taking a page from modern day technology projects and even movie-making, we are asking the community to help us get this off the ground.  On the Shorty’s Basement website (, I have set up several contribution options that generous contributors may consider.

Here are the three things that I ask of you as you read this:  1- read the attached document, 2- forward this message (with the attachment) to as many of your fellow modelers as you can, and 3- consider a contribution, even a small one will help.  I am not a member of all mailing lists, so hit those, too.  Help be a part of saving wooden propellers for all modelers!


Thank you!



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