Random Acts of Thinking

I’ve got nothing – other than this mixture of odd (and possibly distracting) thoughts.

1… Long ago, I sold full kits of the Phantom Flash.  I soon learned that selling FULL kits takes way too much time per kit to assemble.  Today, I ran across an insert that I included in those kits – the original Phantom Flash graphics that I cleaned up and enhanced.  Note that the original plan only included one of the rudder logos and I had to create the second.  Anyway, I don’t use them anymore but maybe someone would like to have them.  You can print on regular paper, cut them out,  and stick on the model (old skool) or you can print them on tissue paper.  Here is the image – right click on it and then Save As.


2… Seemingly Odd Question – Do you (or should you) lube your Jet Cat rubber?  What?!?!!?  Why would you lube the rubber on your catapult?  Well, you could consider the question as a thought exercise – something you can ponder when you’ve read all the magazines in the throne room.  But let me confess to this: I have used lubed rubber in a Jet Cat catapult.  And I may again!  Next subject…

3… I found a use for old broken motors!  If you’re like me and fly a lot of 2-Bit and OT Stick and OT Fuse, at the end of a season (sometimes at the end of a contest!) you have a large pile of used rubber from broken motors.  Since I make most of my OT motors out of 1/8″ rubber, I might just have a secondary use for it.  Yes, I admit, I have made smaller motors from the pile of “waste”, but now I am talking about what I referred to section 2 above – I have made Jet Cat catapults with used rubber!  You need to inspect it for nicks, but certainly in a 12 strand, 36″ motor made of one continuous strand of rubber that broke one strand, you should be able to find 36″ inches that are nick-free.  36″ will make an FAC-legal 4-strand, 2-loop, 9″ catapult motor, like this:
PLEASE NOTE:  while the photo is of a product that I sell – I NEVER sell catapults with used rubber, only new rubber.  But, that gives you something to think about.

4… Sometimes I get distracted easily.  I was looking at an Old Timer as a possible build sometime down the road – and I got caught up in how to do the spinner and nose block.  I put this together the other morning and printed it out.  Yes, the original included a folding prop and a spinner.  I’ll send on of my $11 kits to the first person that correctly identifies the Old Timer in question based on the pieces shown here.


5… Today is garbage day!  The garbage has to go down to the road so they can pick it up at about 5am tomorrow morning.  I wanted to clean off my desk/building board so I can FINALLY get started on the Mega Caudron C.640 – but the garbage can is full.  I have several cardboard boxes to take down, too.  I need to get a trash can here at my desk and be BRUTAL about things that need to go.  Sometimes I wish I was organized and a neat freak so this part would be easy, but I understand that my messes are part of me.  But, the Elmendorf that I built last month had to be built on part of my building board just because I couldn’t move the stuff off the building board – the desk part is literally overflowing.  Time for that garbage can.  Maybe I can put the kitchen bags of garbage into the boxes and fill up the garbage can with all the loose stuff off the desk!  Now, there’s a thought!

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