End of 2013

Well, today was my last contest of 2013.  The last two Cloudbusters contests were rained out and today’s was actually supposed to be yesterday, but rain bumped it to the right one day.

Despite the low-to-mid 40s temperatures today, we had six contestants, but we only flew three events:  Phantom Flash, Embryo and the Cloudbusters’ annual P-30 contest.  I placed 3rd in each event. We don’t fly P-30 in any other contest, but we have a perpetual club trophy.  Winn Moore won the Cup again this year after shearing his wing off in a tree.  He glued and taped it all back together and managed to put up some really decent flights on an overcast day.

Here is out Grand Master, Stu Weckerly, flying his Coupe D’Hivre just for fun in the pre-winter weather.

Stu Weckerly

Stu Weckerly

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