Storefront RESTORED (mostly) – 07 FEB 2020

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Through the process of updating, I found even more import shortcuts.  I now have most of the products online.  There are some things not yet on board, such as the “Accessories” category (includes, tubing, wire, glue, tools, etc.) and all of the Superior Props items.  These still need to be loaded, but first logical categories need to be created.  It’s not a big issue, just part of the process.

Shipping has always been a bugaboo and I am still on Flat Rate.  I’ll be looking into that more in depth since I now have rough weights and dimensions on each product.  In theory, that means the system should be able to calculate a closer price to the cost.  That would be nice, since sometimes the flat charge is less than actual cost – and sometimes vice-versa.

As I said – the store is up and running. Orders have been placed (and even some have been fulfilled).  So have at it, whenever you like.  I will still be learning this interface (like how to create orders for people), so that will take some time.  I do know that some Product Descriptions got truncated, so those will need to be fixed.  If your having issues navigating or find problems, contact me and we will figure it out.  If there is something you want to see online that used to be there, contact me and we will see about getting it up there.

Anyway, I can now get back to filling some older orders, cutting some kits, finishing some models and so on.

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