New Product – Tufoil Lubit-8 1/4 ounce Pen Oiler

As flying season winds down here in the midwest, I am starting to focus more on expanding the business.  I have some big plans that will, hopefully, come to fruition around the New Year.

But, right now, I have obtained a distributorship for this general-purpose lubricating oil.  My flying friend and fellow Cloudbuster, Ted Allebone suggested that I start supplying this oil to modelers.  He uses it on his prop shafts.  Use it on yours – or anywhere around the house.  You aren’t likely to find it at a cheaper price!

Find it in the Basement under Accessories/Miscellaneous.

Tufoil Lubit-8 1/4 ounce Pen Oiler

Tufoil Lubit-8 1/4 ounce Pen Oiler

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