Blue Max!

Team Volare again ventured north to Flint to attend our local Cloudbusters FAC outdoor contest.  We had a successful day.  The promised sunshine was missing, but we had a good day flying, in any case.

I took 2nd in WWII Combat with my Peanut Stuka, 2nd in Phantom Flash, and 2nd in Embryo.  I was in first place but good flying buddy, Winn Moore couldn’t resist getting out a second Embryo, his best Debut (he has two).  He proceeded to take first away from me, but I feel I had a good performance for the limited motor I chose to run due to the short field.  I also took 1st in NoCal with my ancient Ohka.

But the highlight of the day for us was Jack winning his 16th kanone!  This has spanned about 15 years or more, since he took a break from flying when I did and came back last years with me.  Most of his wins have been in Embryo, with a couple NoCals tossed in.  Recently, he has started picking up more in a new category to us: Dime Scale.  I’ve never flown Dimers, but Jack wanted a new plane and we selected Rich Weber’s Beech Staggerwing.  It’s a winner for sure!  Jack decked his out in Jackie Cochran’s Bendix racer colors and he again took home Dime, beating Jack Moses and Winn Moore.

Contgratualtions, Jack!  You’ve got that Blue Max coming to you now! Jack16 kanones



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