Sky Rockets in Flight…

The weekend before last week’s FAC contest in Muncie, the Cloudbusters had a regular meet in Flint.  We were all preparing for Muncie.  Jack lost his Big Cat Embryo in the very same plane-eating tree that I lost mine in a month before!

So…he had to do another furious building session in time for Muncie.  I designed a quick building embryo.  I assembled the first test fuselage in 20 minutes – that’s 20 minutes from a pile of parts to ready to cover!  The entire structure can be built and covered in less than 4 hours.

Jack built the flying prototype, finished it on the Muncie flying field, and after test flights, put up two maxes and then dropped his third official.

I built this second prototype and have yet to test it under power.  With any luck, this should be the next Volare Products kit – this one for anyone that wants a easy and quick to build Embryo that is capable of maxing.  We call it the Sky Rocket.  Check the Gallery for more photos.

Jack test flying his prototype Sky Rocket at Muncie


Sky Rocket Prototype #2

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