the Caudron C.460 Returns!

About 20 years ago, I had drawn and built a Caudron C.460 that was very successful for me.  I won several kanones, but lost the plane.  Since my return, I had been thinking of building another.  With the loss of my little Peanut Keith Rider R-2 earlier this month, I needed another race plane.

I redesigned the plans to enlarge them to the Race-max 24″ span and cleaned up some irritating scale deviations and I built this plane in about a week and a half; finishing the model on Tuesday evening before my long drive to Geneseo Wednesday.  I got a couple rough test flights in Wednesday evening and a 1:10 minute official flight was recorded on Thursday for Scale.

There was (naturally) disappointment on Saturday during the Greve Race, when my great launch turned into a sky-high zoom, stalling into the ground.  But, overall, I am very pleased to have one of my all-time favorite planes back in my stable.


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  1. Jeff Runnels says:


    You are doing a very nice job with the selection of products you offer, and in particular the models you kit. Luv it…

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