Caudron C.460 Short Kit – and Other Items

You’ve been waiting a long time.  I have finalized the Caudron C.460 Short Kit.  This is a 24″ span kit of the 1936 National Air Races Greve and Thompson Race Champion.  In FAC competition, it qualifies for FAC Scale and the Greve Races.

This kit has been a complex project.  It comes with a 36″x13″ rolled plan, 6 sheets of laser-cut balsa (one 3/32″ sheet, two 1/8″ sheets, and three 1/16″ sheets – over 30 minutes of laser cutting time per kit), and two pieces of aluminum tape to replicate the two radiators.  In addition, I have created some optional items:  a vacu-formed canopy and a 3D-printed nose block (with Gizmo Geezer Nose Button).  You will be able to choose your options (one or the other – or both) when you select the kit for purchase.

You can see build photos HERE (opens in new tab).

Go directly to the order page HERE (opens a new tab).

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Here are some other products I am releasing today:


I don’t sell balsa – until now.  I have been getting so much “heavy” (12-20#) balsa that I decided to try to re-coup some of my losses.  This is too heavy for my kits, and I have been giving it away locally, but I can provide it to you for a good price, if you can use this heavier stock.

I am selling 1/16″ sheet and 1/8″ sheet in 18″ lengths for the price of 10- 18″ sheets for $5 and $10.  That is LESS THAN my cost.

3D Nose Blocks – with Gizmo Geezer Nose Buttons

I’ve made these for MY models and have tested them.  They work.  They are designed to with the following features:

  • they FIT the model (dimensions per plan)
  • they have a built-in bevel on the top of the plug insert to allow for the block to pop out easier on landing (saving the prop and fuselage)
  • they are designed to replace the back of the Gizmo Geezer Nose Button (you screw the front into the nose block directly) – this saves a little weight.

They only weigh a couple grams and they are durable.  They are also available in a variety of colors.  They can be sanded for a smooth finish or left as-is.  They are $9 for the block AND the GG Nose Button ($6 alone!), so if you don’t like carving and sanding, this is the item for you.

King Harry Nose Blocks

Wanderer Nose Blocks

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