Pops and Props – Nov 2019

Combining a couple of stories into one, I talked to my dad yesterday – in person.   I told him that I had shut off all Superior Props – propellers and hardware – until I talked with him.  He told me “turn them back on”.  So I will do that today.

The second story is tied to the first.  Yesterday, I packed no orders, I built no planes – I simply drove.  After much concern, United Airlines finally tracked down my balsa order.   I started for Columbus at 6:30am.  (Columbus is the nearest hub to the Prop Shop in Central Ohio.)  Around 4pm, the balsa was at my dad’s place.  And by 9pm and 700 miles, I was home again.

According to United, this package was 272cm x 34cm x 35cm and weighed roughly 54 pounds, including the cardboard.  0.32368 Cubic Meters works out to be 11.43 Cubic Feet.  (by the way, 272cm = 8.9 feet long!)  Some of you may see where this is headed already.  54 pounds divided by 11.43 cubic feet = 4.72 pounds per cubic feet – the density of the package.  I am surprised.  Of course, we haven’t weighed each of the 8 sticks yet.  And the overall dimensions are greater than the actual dimensions, so the final value may change 0 but it looks like there might be some exceptionally light wood in there.

So the Prop Shop is re-opening and here are some photos.

don’t worry, the sticks are already off the concrete floor

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