Free Flight Tip of the Day – Make Use of Scraps

If you are like me, you have a ton of scraps left over from building models.  These are sticks left over and carrier pieces.  The sticks are too small and/or unknown density (weeks/months/years from now) and the carrier sheets have wood that “could” be used, but how?

Well, how about this?  Strip sticks off the sheet and chop up all sticks into random length sections.  Put them in a container and toss the container in your flight box.  When you are at the field trimming, you just might need a Gurney Flap (or two) for your new bird.  Grab that container – it is full of pre-cut Gurney Flaps!

You will still have tons of excess balsa, but at least some of it will be put to good use and you won’t have to waste time at the field digging out balsa and stripping it at the field (like I do).


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