A Quick One – a Smaller F-4 JetCat

I decided to toss together a new F4 Jet Cat, but this one is 70% the size of the current kit version.  That makes it just over 8″ wing span and 12″ in length.  I printed out some tissue and stuck it down with spray adhesive.  I took it outside this afternoon and, with a couple of little tweaks, I got some rather stable, but short flights.  I just don’t have the room here at home to give it much power (the trees are hungry!)    I’ll take it to our last outdoor contests (I broke my good Ohka) – maybe I can get up to 20 seconds.

The wings are 1/16″ sheet and the rest is 1/32″ sheet, except for a thin 3D-printed reinforcement for the nose (and a sliver of carbon fiber for the fuselage).

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  1. Henry says:

    If the “little F-4” is.as good.as its big brother, it’ll do fine. Ive built 2 of the big ones and each has won a Kanone

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