Mid-Summer is Here – I’ve Been Busy

You haven’t heard much from me and this will probably be my last blog post until September.

Between o4 August and 11 August, I will be attending THREE contests – yes, three contests in a week.  Tomorrow is our local Cloudbusters’ Picnic meet, then Tuesday I leave for the AMA Nats in Muncie, Indiana (FAC events Wed-Fri), and lastly, Saturday and Sunday is the much-rescheduled McCook Squadron FAC meet (staying in Muncie).

Geneseo was fun, as always, but it left me with some chores.  My dependable and always-a-contest-threat King Harry flew away.  My Jimmie Allen Sky Raider suffered some blown-out sticks, my new Wanderer had a wobbly tail and smashed the nose, and my Caudron flew great until I tried to make it fly better and it blew out some side supports. So here’s what I have been doing in these two weeks:


A new King Harry has been built.  The Wanderer’s nose and tail have been rebuilt.  The side was repaired on the Sky Raider, the Caudron has been repaired, and I spent an afternoon trimming out the Kuenz Klingon Embryo.  The Klingon was selected to be the One-Design and will be given out to registrants at this year’s FAC Outdoor Champs in September.  I built this one while Ralph was still alive and we will be honoring him this year.  I thought I better get mine flying as an example of the product.  I’ll give it a workout tomorrow.

Here’s two more images:  the first is the T-Shirt image for the Outdoor Champs.  You can register online right now by going here:  http://cloudbustermac.tripod.com/registration.html  – when you show up at the Champs, you will get a T-shirt AND a Klingon Short Kit.  The second is a reminder that I will be out of town and you might not want to order from my shop, unless you don’t mind delays.



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2 Responses to Mid-Summer is Here – I’ve Been Busy

  1. Jerry Genaw says:

    Fly high and fly well. Sorry to here about the passing of Ralph (Rottensox) Kuenz.

  2. steve neill says:

    George. It sounds like you’ll be having a blast. I must get out more you inspire me. Sorry about Ralph. He’d be happy about the Klingon. Have a great time and I’ll be ordering some stuff when you get back!

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