New Product – Prop Retainers

For clutches that sit behind the prop, you need some sort of retainer on the very tip of the prop shaft to keep the prop from falling off.  Some people use wire insulation, heat shrink tubing, a crimped metal tube, and whatever they can find.  For a few years, I have been using Dubro 0.047 wheel retainers, but there are two problems with them – they are limited in application (0.047″ wire) and … they are no longer made.

Our good modeling friend, Chris Boehm called me last week as he had discovered a solution.  Chris tried these silicone items on 0.025″ wire and 0.047″ wire and they might work on larger or smaller wire.  Of course, you can also use them as wheel retainers.

I bought a bunch and now will be offering these separately as well as including them with my VPS Clutches and Boehm Clutches.  There will be 4 included with clutches (with no price increase) and you can get a pack of 10 separately for $1.


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  1. Joe Huettl says:

    Beautiful! Been looking for suitable retainers for prop blades for ages…the old Dubro 1/16″ wheel retainers were perfect but, like you said, no longer made. I’ll be ordering a bunch soon George…

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