End of Year Short Kit Releases

Wrapping up 2018, I have quietly put a couple of short kits online.

First, I have the Jimmie Allen Sky Raider.  I was able to fly this in September at the FAC Outdoor Champs and Ted Dock contests.  It is an amazing flyer.  I personally feel it is better than the Skokie (although I have never built a Skokie) as it is slightly larger.  With its 26″ wingspan, it qualifies for FAC 2-Bit Plus 1 (26″ max span for ROG Old Timers), for FAC Old Time Fuselage (up to 36″ span ROG Old Timers), and for – of course – Jimmie Allen.

Second, I have the B.A.T. Monoplane for Dime Scale.  This plane was putting up 90 second indoor flights its first day out with a high time on that day of 102 seconds.  It has 60 square inches of area and is a real floater.

Lastly, I have four short kits of the short run of the Peanut Barracuda (with vacuformed canopy – and online tissue templates).


Coming in the New Year:

First up will almost certainly be the Durham Air Limousine Embryo.  I am told the plan and story will be in the next FAC News.  Once that hits “the news stands”, I will have the short kit for sale.

I’ll have the Peanut Bellanca T-250 Aries.  This is complete, but I just haven’t been able to dedicate time to it.  Winter is here in the upper midwest and indoor time is tight, with little time to dedicate to testing.

After the fatal final crash of my 19-year-old Falcon Special II Goodyear racer, I decided to build a new one.  I’ve reword my 1999 plan and have parts cut for assembly.  Once I get that built and flying, I’ll be kitting that – and provide tissue templates for the complicated scheme for free download.

A 1″:1′ Lacey M-13 (rebuild of the Lacey M-10) should make its appearance sometime in 2019.  I’ve got the plan about 80%, but at this size, there are so many details – and the wild color scheme to lay out.  It might take awhile.

If there is significant interest, I could get a short kit together for my 36″ span Jumbo Aircraft Designs Stallion.  High wing, no struts, and retract gear make this a simple plane to build and fly – but it won’t get any FAC Bonus Points.

Of course, there are those designs yet to be known – even to me – that will appear in 2019.

Have a Happy New Year.

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2 Responses to End of Year Short Kit Releases

  1. steve neill says:

    AWESOME!!! Thank you looking forward to 2019!

  2. roy says:

    Sounds great George, looking forward to 2019! I would be interested in the Stallion short kit

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