NEW PRODUCT – Boehm Freewheel Clutch

Cloudbuster Chris Boehm is a tinkerer.  He has cobbled together many items that he uses in his modeling and he has been experimenting with freewheel clutches for years.  There is even a video on how to make a clutch with brass tubing which is soldered to the prop shaft (and it works well).

Over the past year, Chris has been experimenting with a new design that fits behind the prop, that allows for prop swaps, and has a positive action – no need to manually set the clutch and it re-engages should the rubber skip.

The best part of this clutch is that is it LIGHT – about 1/2 gram.  This is 50% lighter than the other behind-the-prop bail clutches and makes it great for Dimers and Peanuts where you don’t always need a huge amount of nose weight.  They are drilled for an 0.047″ prop shaft, but could be bushed for 0.032″, if desired.

We (Volare) make these for Chris and sell them through my site.  They are $4 each and can be found HERE.


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