Off to the Nats – Geneseo, then Muncie

Tuesday, I leave for the Flying Aces Club Nats in Geneseo, NY.  If you like Scale Rubber Powered Free Flight, then you need to get yourself there at some point.  It’s three days of flying and cameraderie with literally thousands of flights made by over a hundred FAC Modelers.

I will return home on Sunday and then take off the next Tuesday for three more days of Free Flight at the AMA Outdoor Free Flight Nats in Muncie, IN.  There are more flyers at this event and Rubber Scale is dwarfed by all other aspects of Outdoor Free Flight.

News of note:  I am going to be releasing three new short kits at Geneseo.  the 18″ Denny Starling (for 2 Bit and OT Fuse), the Peanut T.E.A.M. HiMax, and the long-awaited 24″ Cessna C-34 (for Thompson Races, FAC Scale, Golden Age Monoplane, etc.)

These will be available online after I return from Muncie – In August some time.  There will be limited quantities of these available at Geneseo (very short runs).

A note about the C-34.  I am afraid that this short kit will not have the same low price you have come to enjoy from my short kits.  As I was preparing these, I was astounded at how much wood and time it takes for each kit.  Each kit will have a rolled plan, SIX sheets of laser-cut 1/16″ balsa (over 160 laser cut parts, not counting the supplies generic gussets), and a small sheet of laser-cut 1/64″ ply parts.  The balsa took over 30 minutes per kit to cut – that’s a lot of time!  One custom laser cutting service I saw charges $71 per hour of cutting time (another place charges 4 cents an inch – who knows how many inches are in this kit!)  Because of the time involved, I am sorry to say that I will be charging $25 for the C-34 short kit.

I have been very busy trying to fill my stocks for these contest and this photo shows most (but not all – I’m still burning balsa!) of the kits that I will be bringing – there are over 100 in this photo.

At Geneseo, the only DEDICATED time I will take to selling is on Wednesday, during the judging.  Look for me in the hangar where all the action is.  I have a very full slate of flying, so I won’t have stuff for sale on the field, but maybe after hours you can convince me to sell you something 😉

At Muncie, I can probably spare more time to selling as there are less events.  Look for me on the field, somewhat near the FAC Headquarters.

If you have pre-ordered, I will have your package available.

See you there!

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