New Product! Our Own Laser Cut Phantom Flash Kits!

We finally have the ability to cut our own laser cut kits.  The first product available is the Phantom Flash kit.   It is a complete kit, including 4 feet of FAI Super Sport rubber.  The price is right at $12.   The post the other day that mentioned  my Phantom Flash #3 was built from the prototype kit.

I know that many people build these from scratch.  But, in my experience, the pieces are rather complex and are tedious to cut out.  So, to save you the effort, we also have a “Parts Only” product available.  That is, only the laser cut parts.  You will be able to use your own stockpile of sticks and props when you take advantage of the Parts Only for $6.

Or you can buy both together in the Combo Pack for $16!

With a bit of luck, you can expect some additional kits coming out of the workshop and you can head right over to the Basement to buy them!




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