Cloudbusters’ June Meet and Photos

Team Volare (me and son Jack) again ventured north to Flint, MI to participate in the June FAC contest.  The events were a little limited as many people had to rush off around 3pm, so that cut flying a bit short.  However, Jack and I managed to pull in 3 Kanones – one for me in Races and TWO for Jack in Scale and Embryo.

It was a good time helping him earn those wins.  He had needed three flights in Embryo with about 1/2 hour left in the contest.  He put up two great flights and needed a third.  The CD was itching to go, as he had afternoon commitments.  Jack was all prepped and ready for that third flight when, just as he was starting to place the noseblock in after winding, a single strand on the two-strand motor snapped.

There we were with a fully wound motor and an a couple of stray ends starting to unravel.  I had him pull the motor out a bit while I tried to get the lubed (and wound!) motor tied up.  Finally, after about 5 minutes we finally got a semi durable knot in the motor.  He had two maxes and needed about 1:30 on the last flight to grab first.  We walked out to the table, he turned in some hand turns to try to recapture that lost torque, so crucial on an ROG launch.  He managed a 1:45 flight, well over the time he needed for first.

Here is a shot of his Big Cat Embryo from last Saturday.  Here is a link to the June meet gallery:




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