Customers!  Help ME to help YOU!  If you are planning on going to the FAC non-Nats in Geneseo (mid-July) or the AMA Nats in Muncie (end of July), PLEASE consider pre-ordering.  This will help me in that I go to these events to PRIMARILY fly and secondarily sell.  Pre-ordering will ensure that your complete order is packaged and ready for you to pick up at the event.

I will have my sales goods at each event, but I will not be dedicated to selling, but rather – like you – I will be there to fly and compete.

This is ESPECIALLY TRUE for tissue purchases.  I will NOT be bringing bulk tissue to either event as it is very difficult and time-consuming to count and package on the field.  So if you want TISSUE, you must pre-order.

The DEADLINE for ordering for pick up at these events is SATURDAY 15 JULY.  After that date, I will be packing for Geneseo and Muncie is the week after Geneseo, so there will be no time after 15 July.

PLEASE ADD A COMMENT to your order telling which event you will attend.  You can also pre-pay (select EVENT PICKUP on the shipping page) or defer payment until the event.


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2 Responses to FAC and AMA PARTICIPANTS – PRE-ORDER NOW !!!!

  1. Kit Bays says:


    Will you have more counters for the Rees winder by the Muncie NATS?

    • Bredehoft says:


      If you order one, i will have one ready for you. I make these on demand and never have a stock-on-hand.



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