Roscoe Turner Squadron Contest Report – 27 May 2017

*** – Pictures and Event Results below – ***

Pat Murray is trying to get his Roscoe Turner Squadron spun up and they held their first contest today at the AMA Flying Site in Muncie. Two Cloudbusters traveled down to help him out.

We got a late start as Pat had to arrive in the morning. Then we had a rough time finding a reasonable location as we had tow contend with high water, wind direction, and r/c modelers. The wind was uncharacteristically out of the north west and then headed south. We thought we had a relatively acceptable spot, but we got chased off my a “sanctioned event CD” worried that we would interfere with his r/c jets – we saw about three jets all day. So we got underway about 10:30 and had to wrap up at 4pm.

Speaking of three, Winn, Pat, and I were the majority of flyers and logged the entirety of official flights. Bill Garrison from Indianapolis showed up and flew some planes, but didn’t log any flights. I think something called “race weekend” had something to do with low attendance.

The weather started out “not too bad” and got to “pretty darned good” by the end of the day. We had several maxes and one lost (OOS plane) and only one plane got really wet (Pat’s winning Phantom Flash) by dropping in the “puddles” (or lakes).

We took the opportunity to test new planes on a big field and fly those we don’t want to risk on small fields.

Here are the events and results:

Jet Cat
Winn Moore – T-37 Tweet – 93 total points
Pat Murray – Czech Aero L-29
George Bredehoft – T-37 Tweet

Phantom Flash
Pat Murray – 279 total seconds
Winn Moore
George Bredehoft

Pat Murray – Big Cat – 298 total points
Winn Moore – Maverick
George Bredehoft – Durham Mystery

George Bredehoft – King Harry – 325 total seconds
Pat Murray – Erie Daily Times
Winn Moore – King Harry

Golden Age
Winn Moore – Stout 2-AT – 305 total points
Pat Murray – Stinson SR-7
George Bredehoft – Martin MO-1

Dime Scale
Winn Moore – Martin MO-1 – 170 total points
Pat Murray – Staggerwing
George Bredehoft – Ta-Go

Greve Race
Winn Moore – Mr Smoothie
Pat Murray – Mr Smoothie
George Bredehoft – Elmendorf Special

We couldn’t fly NoCal because I lost my Cessna Centurion OOS after about 10 minutes – on an untimed test flight early in the morning.

I cannot recommend enough flying at Muncie – do it if and when you get a chance – and Pat is providing us with more chances to fly this year!

Pat Murray holding court and winding his Event-winning Big Cat Embryo

Pat’s Big Cat in flight

Pat’s Erie Daily Times 2-Bit

George Bredehoft’s Event-winning 2-Bit King Harry after a max flight. There was about 4 inches of water under the model, but it didn’t get wet.

Winn Moore test flying his brand-new King Harry

Winn’s winding his brand-new Embryo Maverick.

Winn’s Maverick in flight. Threat for big-field Embryo this year.

Bill Garrison test flying his Tail-Firster Embryo

George Bredehoft’s brand-new Yokosuka Judy for WWII combat. It flew with authority on about 800 turns on this test flight. I estimate it flew about 1:210+ (there was air).


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  1. Steven Wrigley says:

    That Maverick is a fine looking airplane if I do say so myself.

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