Today I start our Annual Customer Appreciation Sale.  Today completes our 5th year in business and tomorrow (01 April) starts year number 6.  To celebrate, you can use the following coupon code to gain 10% off your entire order.  There are a couple of caveats associated:  it can used only once per customer and the coupon will expire on 15 April.

Here is the code:  6thYEAR

Also, I am releasing THREE NEW KITS:

The Yokosuka D4Y “Judy” Short Kit from the Dave Smith plan – 18″ wingspan for WWII Combat and FAC Scale.  You get a plan and four laser cut sheets for $10.  Thank you to Dave for letting me his design.

The F-4 Phantom II by Harrison Knapp for Jet Cat.  The Full Kit comes with a 2-page plan, a 3-view for laying out panel lines, an FAC-Legal catapult, and SEVEN laser cut sheets.  This kit takes more time to cut than any other kit I currently make – over 20 minutes of cutting per kit – a bargain at $20.  Thank you to Harrison for letting me kit his design.

The classic Flying Aces Moth for FAC OT Fuselage or 2Bit + 1.  This is one of the most popular sport designs of all time.  The original Flying Aces magazine published the plans TWICE in the 1930s.  The Short Kit comes with 2-page plans and two sheets of laser cut parts.  Thanks to John Jackson and Roy Courtney for building the prototypes.

Don’t let the low inventory numbers scare you away – I am running the laser cutter about every day to fill customer orders.  As I say on the site – if stocks are low, order anyway, as I make many of these kits on demand.

Again,  thank you to all of you – my customers.  Without you, I wouldn’t be running this outfit and creating all of these different models.  So take advantage of the 10% off sale!

Designer Harrison Knapp and me at Muncie last September


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  1. Leroy schuman says:

    Awsome to see that there is a place to getkits at abetter price than the guillows kits can u ship to South Africa thanks
    Leroy Schuman

  2. I appreciate your tireless work. It certainly is a vector for the growth of free flying practice. Congratulations George!

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