More Model Progress – Photos

Just a few photos of what has been going on this week.  Two mental hurdles next on the horizon:  Insignia for the Judy and Wing struts for the Comper Swift.

turning the Judy spinner plug in the drill press

styrene spinner, (left) and plug (right)

Judy prop and spinner test fit

Judy prop detail. Spinner backing plate, Superior Prop, ply reinforcement spine, Nason clutch

Judy and Goose waiting for snow to go away

leaf spring skid on the 24″ Comper Swift

Comper Swift canopy and frame

Laying out the parts for the Baby Cyclone Peanut

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2 Responses to More Model Progress – Photos

  1. Duke M. Horn says:

    You sure you got enough pitch in the Judy’s prop, George? LOL!

    • Bredehoft says:

      Duke, it’s a Superior Props 8″ with our standard 1.3:1 ratio – 10″ pitch. I narrowed the blades. Of course, I might have to modify after I test it! –george

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