JUDY UPDATE and Some Notes

I’ve been dragging my feet when it comes to covering this model. Mostly because of the fuselage. I still have to place and create the gun troughs and the color separation line is challenging me.

I finally decided to push on and start covering. Here are the flying surfaces. I created patterns for the panel lines and printed them onto the tissue. This is stock green and white Esaki. The rudder and horizontal were covered dry and the wings were covered damp. Two coats of Future were brushed on, drying between.

Note the wing center section – it is messy and even a different color. This is a slip-in wing, so the appearance is not critical. The different color – well some colors (maybe all?) of Esaki fade. and the center scrap was an older scrap of green I had laying around. It is also the same sheet that I used for the canopy frames (oops).


Besides the Judy Short kit, I am trying to finish up the F-4 Phantom Jet Cat kit – this is Harrison Knapp’s design and a photo him and his plane was recently published in Gene Smith’s article in Model Aviation.

Someone emailed me and asked if I would write something on the type of glue that I use.  Because of the question, I find that I use at least seven different glues – I will write that up shortly.

I am going to photograph all the various specialty tools that I have picked up recently through estate sales and other sources.  This will be a “March Madness Sale” – look for it this week, maybe this weekend.

Us Cloudbusters like to push the limits.   I checked the calendar the other day – our OUTDOOR season will be starting soon.  In fact the next “scheduled” outdoor event is before next month’s indoor event – weather permitting.  Wow, am I behind on building!  There are THREE models (two are planned to be short kits) I want to get done no later than June.  I better get this Judy done and move on to the next!

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