Another Proof of Concept

Here is another test I did today.  I’ve been wondering how to build these wheel pants for the Baby Cyclone Peanut Goodyear Racer that I want to have ready for spring.  Somehow, I had a flash of inspiration this afternoon and cut out the parts and slapped this together.  I think this will work.

The covering in the last image is bond paper.  The total weight of the assembly as shown (with full sized pin) is 0.8 grams.


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3 Responses to Another Proof of Concept

  1. Paul Bradley says:

    Very clever George. I like your approach a lot.

  2. David Duganne says:

    I’ll bet tissue in place of the bond paper would work just fine. Maybe mist it the way you did on the McKinnon Goose; that came out really nice…

    • Bredehoft says:

      Yes, tissue is definitely an option. The only worry I have about tissue is that the shrinking will sink the surface into a concave shape.

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