Peanut Turbo Goose Build

I have pretty much finished my latest build – a Grumman/McKinnin Turbo Goose in Peanut Scale.  I built this for myself, not for production.  I have been kicking this one around for about 15 years.  I actually started a fuselage back in about 2002, but then set it aside.

It is 11.6g right now, but is missing the rear motor peg and it will probably need some tail weight.  Still, I think that is a good weight.

I am going to try 0.050″ motors to start with.  I did a build write-up on Hip Pocket, if you want to take a look over there for some narrative.  Here is a gallery with all my build photos:

Peanut – Turbo Goose


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  1. Duke M. Horn says:

    The build sequence is not working, George.

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