Munson DT Timers are BACK IN STOCK!!!!!

UPDATE – I no longer carry these.  Please contact the manufacturer, FAI Model Supply, HERE.

The sourcing of specialty parts – the bane of running a small business with a small customer base.  I have been having problems with several of my sources, including the source of the popular Munson Badge and Button viscous DT timers.

GREAT NEWS! – earlier this month, I received a phone call from Mr Munson – he was telling me he was returning my check as he no longer produces these – BUT!!!! – he transferred the operation to a VERY RELIABLE source.

I immediately called the new supplier and ordered 20 Badge and 20 Button timers – I received them this morning!  Some things have necessarily changed:  I am now only stocking the “Classic” version – these are good to about 6 minutes.  I need to raise the price as the new source raised the base price.  And I am no longer supplying the elastic cord with the timer – do yourself a favor and use a spring for consistent and reliable pull.

They will still come with 2 mounting screws.  The Badge (larger) weighs about 1.1 grams and is now $20.  The Button (smaller) weighs about 0.5 grams and is now $23.  Find them both on my site under Accessories/DTs.  I will probably be restocking these monthly.  I can still get the “lite” versions (2 minutes) but they would be custom orders, as I will not be stocking them.


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2 Responses to Munson DT Timers are BACK IN STOCK!!!!!

  1. martin j kline says:

    Hi: Any idea of a date on the re stocking of the Badge button timers? Getting really hard to find! thanx. Marty K.

    • Bredehoft says:

      Hi. I no longer carry these. The last I was aware, FAI Model Supply was trying to make them. I don’t know if they are still available or not. I recommend contacting FAI.

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