2016 Lessons Learned #2 – HOW-TO Windows in Models

I have been VERY frustrated over the years trying to put windows in even the simplest models.  Even flat windows in flat sides or front have given me fits; I can never get the plastic to stay put while the glue sets and end up with smeared windows that fall off!  It’s downright humiliating and shameful.

Sometime in 2016, we picked up this tip from our flying buddy, John Jackson.  John pointed out that he knew of a common source for clear plastic that would stick to pretty much whatever you wanted – after all it was sticking to paper where you find it.  So where do you find it?  It is the clear window in business envelopes – you know, the ones you get tons of in your mailbox every week.  Finally a use for bills and junk mail!

Well, I tried it out and it works great!  And I use GLUE STICK, not some messy, gloppy canopy glue, nor some CA that will fog your windows.  This plastic sticks great to balsa and tissue!  Here is a simple photo how-to:









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3 Responses to 2016 Lessons Learned #2 – HOW-TO Windows in Models

  1. Richard Ranney says:

    Very nice. Never once have I thought of using that window material. Thank you so vry much!

  2. Nigel Tarvin says:


  3. Erick Villano says:

    Thanks for a really great tip! Will try it on my next project.

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