New Products – the Wanderer

Well, it’s been a long time coming:  the model has been built for a year and flown successfully all last season – and the big time-eater was developing the plan and parts for production.  The 34″ span model itself is a fast build – very straightforward and simple.  Well-trimmed, this plane will do very well in OT Stick against all those Gollywocks!


Originally published in the March 1945 Model Airplane News as a contest-winning Class C Stick, I traced the original plan and reformatted it to fit my printing capabilities.  The SHORT Kit contains one 13″x36″ plan and SIX sheets of laser-cut balsa.  This short kit is $25.wanderer02

I also have a Gizmo Geezer Nose Block kit for the Wanderer – this is $3.

wandererggnoseblockAlso, we have the correct Superior Props blank for the Wanderer at $12.50 each.



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5 Responses to New Products – the Wanderer

  1. Ken Knowles says:

    Any problems shipping to Canada

    • Bredehoft says:

      No. I ship there regularly. I do charge a $25 fee up front for international shipping and then refund any difference, if possible.

  2. Jerry Genaw says:

    The Superior prop is a free wheeler but the photo of the model appears to show the Wanderer sporting a folder. Is a folder kosher?

    • Bredehoft says:

      Hi, It depends on your application. I cannot speak for SAMS or NNFS, but in the Flying Aces Club, your prop (on any model) cannot fold prior to landing. I have mine held open with dental bands and it stays open to the ground and flexes on landing, saving the prop from breaking.

  3. Don D says:

    For SAM Old Time Stick and NFFS Nostalgia Rubber, the Wanderer must be built per the prop shown on the plan. This means a folder is legal only if one is shown.

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