FOR SALE – Model Builder & AAM – $2 each

In the mid-80s, I discovered Model Builder magazine – it gave me my introduction to Free Flight.  I bought copies at the local news stand and then subscribed.  I also bought up older copies at swap shops when I found them.

I’ve decided to sell the magazines – I must reorganize my building area, workshop, and “store” area in the basement and these are taking up space.  What you see here is the entire collection, separated into years.  I have entered all onto my sales website and they are available for $2 each, except for year 1974 issues ($4 each) and two that are incomplete ($1 each).  All are in good shape, some are even in great shape.

Find them here:


Also, I have several issues of American Aircraft Modeler from the ’70s at $1 each.

I also have tons of old Flying Models and Model Aviation – they will probably be donated unless someone wants them.

Buy more than 10 and I will make some deal with you on the price (although shipping gets expensive).

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