September – Distractions and Progress

A discovery was made at the Kit Factory:  retirement doesn’t always mean 100% model airplanes – I got corralled into replacing 400 square feet of carpet with tile in the lower level of our house.  Ok, I volunteered since it would save a couple thousand dollars and I will be able to control when and how access is limited to the basement – where I have all my sales product, the laser cutter, and where I fill all your orders.  Here’s a shot of my progress so far – about 25% completed:

floorI’ve done several tile projects (including a 900+ sq ft floor at our old home in Ohio), but I thought I was done doing tile forever.  My back, knees, and arms will be glad when this is done.

That’s not to say that all things model airplane have stopped – I spend an hour or two each morning and evening on filling orders and drawing plans.  Here are two that have me excited.

The first is Dave Smith’s contest-winning Judy.  I talked to Dave at Geneseo and we he has let me kit this.  I have great hopes that MY build will be contest-winning, also.  The plan is about 70% and I will finish it this winter and should have a model built for spring.


The second is a subject that me, my son, and others have been telling me that I need to do – a new Goodyear Racer.  There are a few Goodyear/Formula Racer plans out there, and even fewer kits for them.  I’ve been studying the two-book set of Goodyear and Formula One Air Racing 1947-1967 by Robert Hirsch for a couple years.  I’ve got little sticky notes on many pages, but one plane, (not previously sticky-noted) jumped out at me.  I am eager to get this finished and built.  I’m keeping the exact identity secret for now, but I think this one has real potential.  The dimensions are excellent for Free Flight and when I got the basic layout done in CAD and printed on paper, I was surprised at what I was seeing.  Here’s a little teaser:

teaserThere just might be enough in that teaser for someone to figure out what plane I am designing.  Look for this to debut next spring, also – earlier if I get it built and tested indoors.

By the way – the tile floor will NOT interfere in my attendance at the FAC outdoor Champs and Ted Dock Memorial – two two-day contests in Muncie running back-to-back 22/23 & 24/25 September.  I’ll have all the Vega Short Kits ready (free in the Outdoor Champs registration package) and Jack and I will again be cooking the dogs at the Volare Products 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Hot Dog “Supper”.  That will take place on Thursday evening, right after the events are over at the FAC outdoor champs.

What have you got to lose?  A free short kit and free hot dogs for just showing up at the FAC Outdoor Champs!  SEE YOU THERE!


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