New Products for August!

As always, it’s been a busy month.  We are releasing FOUR NEW PRODUCTS for you today:  The T-37 Jet Cat Full Kit, the U2 Jet Cat Full Kit, a full-spec Catapult, and a handy Ball Hex Driver for the Gizmo Geezer Nose Buttons.

NOTE:  The Jet Cat kits are FULL kits – they contain all the laser-cut wood, carbon fiber rods, basswood leading edges, AND a real Catapult for launching.

The Ball Hex Driver solved my most frustrating part about the Gizmo Geezer Nose Button – forgetting or losing the tiny adjusting allen wrench.  I would either leave it in the tool box, lose it somewhere else, or just couldn’t find it when I needed it.  Also, with the wrench, you have to have it perfectly aligned with the screw to get it to engage.  Not so with the ball driver – it works at shallow angles.  AND…I have added a stainless steel split ring so you can attach it to your lanyard or stopwatch cord – so it is always with you in the field – when you need it most.

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