July Kit Progress

While July is extremely busy (two multi-day contests and filling resulting delayed orders), it is also my first month of full time dedication to Volare Products.  We will be releasing two more kits soon, both proven, of course.

The T-37 Tweet Jet Cat glider will be assembled as a FULL kit – It will include plans, photo sheet, 3 sheets of different sized laser-cut wood, bass wood, nose weight, stickers for marking, carbon fiber rod for fuselage stiffness, AND a full-size working catapult.  This kit will be $20.  At least six of these have been built, proving and improving the design (it may be our most-tested kit).  I need a little more time to package some of these, but they will be available soon.

I am really excited about the second kit for this month – it is a popular and well-flying Old Timer that has not been kitted before (to my knowledge).  It will fit into FAC Old Time Cabin and FAC 2-Bit Plus One.  It is the famous King Harry!  Every one of these I have seen flies like gangbusters.  I asked Don DeLoach and Pete Azure to build the prototypes -Pete’s flew away at Geneseo last week!  Here are some photos of Pete’s model and mine that I built this week (I’ll be testing and flying it next week at the AMA Nats):


HarryKit04The short kit will include 2 sheets of plans, a copy of the Aeromodeller plan, and 3 sheets of laser-cut balsa.  The Short Kit is $10 and a Combo Pack that includes a Superior Props 10″ King Harry prop blank is $16 (you save $2).  The King Harry kits are available on my site right now.

In the Pipeline:

I have another Old Timer getting ready to ship out as a prototype, a popular simple stick model in development, possibly a larger version of the Tweet JetCat, and I made some deals/agreements to produce some popular models by other designers – these will be in the Peanut/Scale/Dime areas.

Now back to filling orders, stocking shelves, and laundry!



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  1. Mark Fineman says:

    George: I didn’t have a chance to tell you, but my Stallion No-cal flew away on its second flight at the FAC Nats. I never even had a chance to show it to you! Mark Fineman

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