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July 2nd will begin a new chapter in Volare Products and in my life, in general.  Whereas Volare Products has been a part-time, after-hours “job” for me, I will be retiring from my regular, full-time job on July 1st and will be dedicating those hours to Volare Products.  It is my hope that this translates into better service for my customers, improved accuracy on the web site, expanded product line (mostly expanding my kits), and increased activity (sales).  We shall see!

July is also the busiest month of the year for me, as I will be traveling to the FAC Nats and the AMA Nats where I will be striving to compete at the top levels and also selling product to eager customers.  Selling at contests is a terrible compromise – time dedicated to sales is time away from competition and time dedicated to flying results in sales lost.  So, when you go to one of these events and you run into me, please consider the following statements.   I will PRIMARILY be competing at the FAC Nats.  Of course, I will be set up and selling the Wednesday before competition – that will be the big day of sales.  I will have all of my stuff with me, but likely not set up to sell on the field.  Orders can be taken and they will be filled after hours, but I am in Geneseo to FLY first, and sell later.  In Muncie for the Outdoor Free Flight Nats (I won’t be at the Indoor Free Flight Nats), I will try to do as I have done in the past – that is have my stuff set up and available for purchase, but I might be out on the field flying at any given moment.  Please understand and consider these scenarios.

One way that you can help relieve my conflict (sell or fly) is to PRE-ORDER!  Go on the web site and fill a cart and place an order and I will deliver it to either of these two events, already packed just for you.  You can pre-pay or you can select Cash/Check for payment on the field.  For shipping, you should select EVENT PICKUP and indicate which Event to which you expect delivery in the notes.  This will result in zero shipping charges.  One caution with this – if you are selecting an item that is out-of-stock, either check with me first, or take the chance that I don’t have it for you.  IF YOU WANT SUPERIOR PROPS DELIVERED, ESPECIALLY FOLDERS, GET YOUR ORDER IN NOW, as they take time to make.

As I am an FAC Guy, I have been collecting a variety of hardware and tools over the winter and will give my FAC customers first crack at these.  There are a couple of boxes of various winders, balsa strippers, rubber strippers and other tools that will be available on a first-come, first-served basis starting Wednesday in the sales area.  Anything left will be available two weeks later at the AMA Nats.  After that, they will go on the web site.

Oh – I will have PLENTY of Gizmo Geezer Nose Buttons!  These are the hottest of hot sellers at the FAC Nats and I will be very surprised if I sell out this year (but you never know!)

We plan on being very active at the FAC Nats.  Our monthly Facebook Giveaway will somehow be tied to the event (we’re still thinking of how to do that).  We would love to see anyone that has built one of our kits and may create a separate promotion for highest-placing Volare Products kit.  Don’t hesitate to find Jack or me and show us your model – we’d love to get a photo of it and you – even if it isn’t the top performer in its event!

We will be on the field until dark every night.  If you haven’t thought about after-contest evening flying, you owe it to yourself to just stop by and watch, if not fly.  It is the most relaxed and enjoyable environment of the contest. No one is scurrying to get flights in, they are only there to enjoy the pure essence of Free Flight.  Stop by our area, pick up a cold beverage, have a nice chat about planes, hints & tips, or whatever – camaraderie, mostly!


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  1. Will Cothran says:

    I’m really excited for you and ME. You were doing a great job before. Love everything I’ve gotten from you and can’t wait to purchase more. Waiting for payday to get an “Elmendorf Special” and the new green Japanese dimer. Also, if I can make a suggestion, PLEASE, please kit the FW190 for which we were waiting permission. A great addition to the kit would be a vac-formed canopy. Put down me for the first purchase of that FW190. I really do want such a kit and have put off building the Guillows kit that I got from them thru the mail.

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