Torque Meters – Taking Orders

I spent Friday and Saturday at the Volare Products Machine Shop so that my dad and I could collaborate and finalize the design and operation of two new products:  plug-n-play Torque Meters for two standard winders, the Morrill Sidewinder and the Rees Scalewinder.

RT01 MT01The VPS Torque Meter for the Morrill is similar to the old Hinson torque meter and it installs the same way:  unscrew the hook adapter and screw on the torque meter.  The capacity is 120 inch-ounces and the scale reflects this, but needs to multiply by 10 (10 on  the scale represents 100 in-oz).

The VPS Torque Meter for the Rees is similar, but is a brand new product.  It is a bolt-on to the Rees winder.  The capacity is 30 inch-ounces, but I don’t think anyone will (or should) ever take the Rees to 30 in-oz.  Most people would max out the Rees between 10 and 20 in-oz.  The scale, again, reflects 0-3 (multiply by 10).

We are in production on the VPS Torque Meter for the Morrill Sidewinder is in Production.  The prototype has the bugs worked out and we have parts ready to assemble for 8.

MT03The VPS Torque Meter for the Rees Scalewinder has been prototyped, but there are some tweaks needed to be made, but they are small issues and we are ready to go forward with this.  It will be a full assembly – with the face plate and everything – unscrew the four small screws and replace the hook and plate with the torque meter and plate.


Both meters utilize two bronze bushings and a ball-bearing thrust bearing.  Both of these will be $80.  Feel free to inquire about availability; we will take pre-orders without deposit – put your name on the list.  The VPS Meter for the Morrill should be available within a week or two, the VPS Meter for the Rees just a little longer.

One parallel note – we are resuming production on the Rees Winder, but are having trouble sourcing the main gear (it is backordered with the manufacturer).  At some point, we will offer a new Rees winder with torque meter installed.  Also, we are going back to the original long knobs (as shown above).



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  1. Mark C. Rzadca says:

    I am interested in the torque meter for the Scale Winder. Let me know when I can order one. Note, I already own the winder, just looking for the torque meter add on.

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