Volare Calculators

For about 15 years, I have had some simple software calculators on line.  I have now moved them to this site.  On the right you will see three new links under the heading “Access Volare Calculators”.  There are three as follows:

Carve Calc – say you want to carve a propeller and you know the final diameter and pith that you want, but don’t know what the dimensions would be needed to produce those values.  Use this tool, enter the Diameter, Pitch, and Blade Width and it will calculate the block size required.  There is also a link to a layout and carving instruction image.

Cone Calc – You need to make a hubcap for that Jumbo Scale WWI fighter you are making.  You know the diameter inside the tire is 2.25″, but paper is flat.  How big of a disc of paper do you need and how much overlap is necessary to create just the right hub cap.  Well, enter the final diameter and cone height and this will calculate all that for you.

Strut Calc – That model you are building has a V-strut supporting the wing.  The dimension for the rear strut is not given, simply measure the X, Y and Z axis dimensions on the plan and enter into the calculator and it will tell you how long that strut is.

Use them all you like – they are free!

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