New Product – Tungsten Putty

Do you use clay on your models for CG adjustment (who doesn’t)?  Well, I get offended by a huge ugly lump of goop on the nose of my plane.  I struggle to hide it whenever possible.  Sometimes I exceed the capacity of my nose plug storage.

This putty, something you might find in your large tackle shops, is very dense – about 2 or 3 times as dense as clay or wall tack.  It is semi-soft, but pinch off a little blob, knead it a few times and it becomes softer and sticky and will stick to your model.


Being smaller than clay of the same weight, you can hide it more successfully.  It is safe and non-toxic (but I wouldn’t recommend eating it!) As mentioned, you can find an equivalent product in some craft stores or larger fishing supply stores (they use it for line weight) – BUT – it’s about twice the price!  I’m only asking $5 for a container (1 ounce – 28 grams), and that container is a handy aluminum canister with a screw top.

Find it in the ACCESSORIES/MISC area.



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