New Short Kit – Keith Rider R-5 Jackrabbit

Finally, I am able to release this for sale – the Keith Rider R-5 Marcoux-Bromberg “Jackrabbit”; a Tom Nallen design.  This 16″ span model is a very popular model and has been popular for years.  It is a simple plane to build and a great flyer.  I asked Tom for permission to kit this and he graciously granted.

I did make some minor changes to his plan, some to adjust the layout for a more scale-like representation and some for ease of construction and a little bit of strength (Tom used 1/16″ square for both the leading edge and trailing edge).  In this short kit, you get two sheets of laser-cut parts and two 11″x17″ newly drawn plan pages.

Oliver Sand, a teen-aged modeler in NYC, built the prototype shown here.  My son, Jack, also built one, but the weather here has not let us test it.  Oliver has tested his kit and here is a video he shot of a TEST flight:

Here is a photo of his bones:


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