December Build #1 – Bad Axe Embryo

Here is an Embryo I put together this weekend.  This has been my best flying Embryo – my first one won its first contest and then was lost when it would just not come out of a thermal.  Jack built one and – guess what – he lost his, too.  These are Big Field models; I wouldn’t even fly mine at our club park.

It is called the Bad Axe; a strange name.  It is a modified Don Campbell Tomahawk.  Since Don was a Cloudbuster here in Michigan, I decided to rename this modification by playing on the Tomahawk name with the name of a small town in Michigan – Bad Axe.

Anyway, hopefully, I can crank out another model in December (hence the December #1).  As I built this model, I made adjustments to each part that needed changing from the baseline Tomahawk parts, there are several.  By doing so, I’ve created another Short Kit.  I will release it some time this winter.


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