FOR SALE – “Experimental” Prop

In the last batch of prop blanks from the Prop Factory (my dad), I received a couple of blanks that were strange in appearance.  The pitch was as advertised but the block layout was shifted (due to an error in machine set up).  I decided that these were so strange that I did not want to sell them to a customer base that loves every aspect of wooden props – including how nice and symmetrical a blank should look.

So, I decided to see if I could make a finished product that would look good.  The photos show the result.  I think the finished prop looks fine, but I will let the public decide!

This is a 10″ Diameter x 14″ Pitch regular rotation balsa prop for Rubber Powered Free Flight.  Notice the “scimitar” shape to the blades – this was due to the layout issues mentioned above – I could not get a symmetrical blade out of this blank.  The maximum blade width is about 1.25″

This was made from 5-pound balsa and it now weighs 1.7 grams as shown.  It will need final finish (dope, CA, glassing – your choice), a central hub installed (currently a 3/32″ hole), and some sort of drive/freewheeler.  These are left to the buyer.  Also, there has been no effort to balance the prop, although it is nearly balanced.  I also carved in a bit of under-camber into the blades.

Price:  $20 postage included, shipped USPS Priority to anywhere in the United States (international postage will be greater).
Payment:  PayPal preferred.
Contact me ONLINE (email, Facebook post, Facebook Messenger, etc.) if you want this prop.  We will work from first to contact me has first opportunity.

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