November Nuggets – Two New Programs!

I am going to try some new awareness campaigns starting in November.

Program #1 – Builder Photos. Please send in photos of your completed Volare Products Kits or Superior Props. We know how good they are, but why take our word for it? Help us tell the world how pleased you are with the products. Feel free to include yourself in the photo (or not) and any pieces of information about the product and its successes for you.

Program #2 – Monthly Short Kit Giveaways. These giveaways will be for a pre-selected kit and will run for a week or so – and will only take place on our Facebook page. You can enter simply by “liking” or “sharing” the announcement that appears on Facebook. At the end of the defined time, a name will be selected at random from the list of participants and that person will be contacted and sent the short kit, free of charge! The only additional request is that should you win, you send in a photo of the completed kit to Program #1.

Oh, here’s the Facebook page:

So, send in your photos any time, and look for the November giveaway soon!


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