2015 FAC Non-Nats – It’s Time!

Well, it’s 6:30 in the morning and I am still not packed.  There is product to load up, laundry in the dryer, and a few other things still left to do.  But it’s just an hour or two before we (Jack and I) start down the road for Geneseo, NY.

This is an off year for the Flying Aces Club – the big contest isn’t the bi-annual “Nats”, hence the name “non-Nats”, but there still should be upwards of 100 contestants registered and flying.  Jack and I are bringing TWENTY-TWO models to fly over the three days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).  Now, a couple of those are back-ups, so they may not get flown, and I usually run out of time or can’t get a particular model to fly like I want it to, but – we will do a lot of flying. (We still have repairing to do, also – and we have models that haven’t flown more than a test-hop!)

I will try to post photos from the contest.  My phone can load straight to Facebook, but my digital camera requires downloading and uploading.  And of course, if I am taking pictures, I’m not flying!

Time to get back to work and on the road – SEE YOU THERE!




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