TWO NEW Volare Products KITS!

Finally, I can release two new NoCal kits that I’ve been working on.  As you might know, one of my “production requirements” is that the design must prove to be fly-able.  This is a carry-over from my days of selling plans – nothing gets sold if it can’t fly.

Within the last month, we have been able to test and fly these two NoCals:  The Cessna Centurion and the Aircraft Designs Turbo Stallion.  When I look for a subject for NoCal, I look for a few things and some of these are:  High Wing (for stability), Retract Landing Gear, and no Wing Struts (both for simplicity and weight savings).

Both the Centurion and the Turbo Stallion meet these requirements.  I’ve designed laser-cut parts for all of the “curvy” parts.  This leads to rapid construction.  And both kits have proven to be stable fliers.  They are designed for Outdoor flying – that is, they should be strong enough to take out into a little bit of a breeze.

They are $10 each; you get full sized plans, a laser cut parts sheet, and you can find them in the Basement.




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