A Busy Time

It’s been a busy week or two.  With the trip to Kent behind us, I had to catch up on orders; by customers and by me for re-stocking.  Kent also resulted in repairs to most of the planes I took (one reason I dislike Indoor flying).

While repairing one, we had the idea to create a How-To on repairing and re-covering.  That will come later.

I’ve got a few new short kits in process, but an event has put a halt to many things around here.  No, it wasn’t the 4.2 earthquake that happened about 10 miles from here yesterday (that was a surprise – they don’t happen in Michigan!)  Six months or more ago, my printer for mailing labels went out.  I have been printing labels on my large-format printer.  This has been no issue, except it is upstairs and the packages are packed downstairs (consider it exercise).

Well, yesterday, my main printer stopped working.  That puts a LOT of things to a halt around here.  I think both early ends were due to corners I cut in the ink supply area, but I cannot be sure.  So, yesterday, I ordered a new large format printer and purchased a new small one for labels.  With the large printer out of commission, so are things like plan testing, plan printing, and other aspects of my business.  Oh well, the new one is on the way and will be here soon enough.

While this is a hiccup and unplanned and a distraction, I am not too worried.  There are other things to life.  For one, the sun is shining today and it is beautiful outside – I thank Mother Nature and appreciate every day.

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