It’s April 1st and There’s No Fooling Free Flighters!

April 1st, 2012 – the first official day I took over this little business.  Yesterday was the end of the 3rd year.  Today is the first day of the 4th year of operation.  I’m still happy we took over Shorty’s Basement and I’m also happy we took over Superior Props.

I want to (again) thank everyone for their continued support.  AND…I want to remind you that, as a small token of thanks, the Customer Appreciation 10% Discount is still going on (through 12 April).  Read the previous blog post for specific details, but just fill your cart, check out, and apply the special code during checkout.  The code is 4thYEAR

By the way – there are two short kits under final testing and they should be released this spring.  I am also working on a plan for the Cloudbusters.  Last of all – it’s under two weeks before we – up here in the frozen north – get back outside and onto the flying field!  I can’t wait.


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