April 1st marks the start of the 4th year of our ownership and operation of this Free Flight Business.  For many years prior, I had haphazardly sold plans through Volare Products, but in 2012 we took the big jump into the Small Business arena with the purchase of the old Shorty’s Basement.  The effective date was 01 April – April Fools Day.

I have had great support from customers over the past 3 years.  This has allowed me to expand into kit production and allowed us to save Superior Props and resurrect them from the brink of extinction.  I know our customers appreciate our presence and now I want to return that appreciation.

This will be our 1st Annual Customer Appreciation Sale.  To celebrate the start of our 4th year of Free Flight sales, I am offering 10% off our entire inventory (and your entire order).   This will run for a limited period of time:  from Saturday 28 March – Sunday 12 April (2 weeks).  You may use the coupon ONCE – so load up that shopping cart!

During checkout, on the Step 2 of 3 – Payment Information page, A Redemption Code area will appear before the Payment selection area.  In this space, enter 4thYEAR in the block.  This will trigger the subtraction of 10% off of your merchandise purchase (not including Shipping).

Thank you all for being loyal customers.  (No joke!  This is really a thing!)


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