New Propellers – OT and Plastic

We’ve been hard at work scouring Old Time plans for props so that you can have accurate, as the designer intended, Old Time propellers to match your models.

The two latest Superior OT Freewheel props are for a couple of popular models:  the JETCO Eaglet designed by Hank Struck and the ever-popular King Harry, right off the Aeromodeller plan.

As will all our OT props, we make our props using the same dimensions as on the original plan.  The relevant pitch is calculated and the blanks are cut from the proper block size with the helical pitch template to insure accuracy.

The third prop is one filling an empty spot:  an Orange Chinese 11″ prop.  Now I have them in all inch increments from 6″ through 12″ with 9.5″ thrown in for P-30s.













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