March Props

Here is a photo of the latest shipment to me from our Prop Factory.  Most of the supply is restocking on-hand stock, but there are some interesting items here.

The props shown are:

10″ freewheelers
a pair of 10″ right-left props
Jimmie Allen Bluebird
Jimmie Allen Sky Raider
Jimmie Allen Sky Chief
Jimmie Allen Thunderbolt
Jimmie Allen Skokie
Lanzo Cabin
Casano Stick – 1- and 2-blade folders


a pair of 12″ folders with custom 3″ hubs for the Berkeley Scale Series

a 22″ folder for Herb Kothe’s 50s Nostalgia Wakefield

These – and more – are available from us.  We have these dimensions from original plans now and know how to make them.  If you have other props that you want built to follow original specs, jsut send those specs in and we will see what we can do!

oh…Happy Pi Day!


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